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Meeting place: Freedom square
Rustaveli Avenue begins at Freedom Square and extends about 1.5 kilometers. This is the center of the city, where many of the governmental, cultural and business facilities are located. Strolling down Rustaveli you can observe daily life in the city, explore shops from both international and local brands, and get something to eat.
Gelati Monastery
The cathedral is situated 11 km westwards from Kutaisi. The Gelati Monastery, with its main buildings erected between the 12th and 17th centuries, was an important religious, cultural and educational center of Georgia. The monastery complex is included in UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list and its architecture is well known for wonderful mosaics and frescos. King David the Builder, the most celebrated King of Georgia, is buried in the yard of the monastery.
Bagrati Cathedral
Bagrati Cathedral was built in X-XI century, during the reign of King Bagrat III, an inscription on the north wall reveals that the floor was laid in "chronicon223" (i.e. 1003). It is a symbol of unity and strength of the country. Until the end of the XVII century monument was unharmed. We get significant information about Bagrati Cathedral from the records of Russian ambassadors Tolchanov and Ilevi who were in Imereti in 1650-52. They refer to nearby buildings of the cathedral, the bell tower, which is still in a good condition and the palaces. According to Vakhushti Bagrationi, in 1692 the Ottomans destroyed the temple dome. Over time, its destruction continued. Currently, the Bagrati Cathedral Restoration Fund is based, which aims to reconstruct the cathedral with the help of modern technologies. Since 1994 Bagrati Cathedral is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Monument. In 1995 in the temple began the liturgy. In 2009, the Government of Georgia started a full restoration of the monument.
Motsameta Monastery
Motsameta Monastery is located 6 kilometers from Kutaisi. The present day church dates back to the 11th century, but historic records show that a church was constructed in this spot as early as the 8th century. Motsameta attracts crowds of tourists with an ancient superstition: if one crawls three times under the ark and makes a wish while touching the hallows, the wish will come true.