Dashbashi Canyon

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Meeting place: Freedom square
Rustaveli Avenue begins at Freedom Square and extends about 1.5 kilometers. This is the center of the city, where many of the governmental, cultural and business facilities are located. Strolling down Rustaveli you can observe daily life in the city, explore shops from both international and local brands, and get something to eat.
Dashbashi Canyon
Dashbashi Canyon is located in Kvemo Kartli region, Tsalka municipality, in the gorge of the river Khrami, near the village Dashbashi, at 1110-1448 meters above sea level. It is a natural monument on volcanic height of the river, Ktsia (Khrami). It is a rare gorge of canyon, characterized with biodiversity. The Dashbashi waterfall hidden in the green attracts many visitors with its perfect atmosphere, like a paradise beauty. The canyon is also popular due to the fact that the walking distance is short and anyone can easily visit this amazing place without much effort. The most famous place in Dashbashi Canyon is the greatest waterfall. But the canyon is 8 km long and you can discover many more interesting and beautiful places, if you are an adventurer and you are not afraid by the relief. The nature and picturesque waterfalls on the steep slopes of the canyon create a completely different micro-landscape. You can discover natural and man-made caves in the Khrami Valley. Near the village of Dashbash there is a beautiful forest, which is a wonderful picnic place and will definitely attract you with its pleasant shades, especially if you have a trip in a hot summer day.