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Prometheus Cave


Prometheus Cave is an enclosed space, generated in the Lower Cretaceous limestone. It is also known as cave Kumistavi cave Gliana. Entrance height is 3.5 – 4 meters, width – 7 m. In 60 meters from the entrance is the Siphon Lake from which the river Kumi flows. In the cave there are stalactites and calcite speleothems, a thick layer of guanine. The climate here is dynamic, movement of air is sharp. At the end of the tunnel is a siphon of two-meter depth, with warm water (15C).
Drinking springs within the cave flow into the river Kumi.
Well furnished cave has become an attractive tourist site. Walking inside the cave is pleasant. Tourist route is a length of approximately 1 kilometer.
On July 15, 1984 speleological expedition of the Institute of Geography opened 16 new halls, which vary both in size and forms of fossilized sag. In the new room you can see a lot of stalagmites and stalactites, cave pearls and pisolite, underground rivers and lakes.
The climate is good for asthma patients.